Friday, November 11, 2011


Setiap hari Jumaat ialah hari yang cukup barakah bagi seluruh ummat Muhammad saw. Malah hari ini jatuh pada 11.11.11. Kebetulan? Wallahua'alam...

Namun manusia mula memberi pelbagai andaian, tafsiran malah ada juga yang ingin memperbaharui amal dengan kedatangan tarikh ini. D akhbar seperti The Times Of India melaporkan ramai orang India yang melangsungkan perkahwinan dah sebagainya.

KOCHI: Cosmic compatibility may be absent on Friday which marks the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of this millennium, but11.11.11 has found many takers in Kerala. From weddings to shop openings to births and purchases of vehicles, this 'good look' date is the most expected one after January 1, 2000. 
The fact that 11.11.11 would appear again only after 100 years has added to the attraction of this date. No wonder many couples selected Friday to tie the knot and parents felt their baby should be born on this special day, preferably at 11 am or 11 pm. 
Actor and singer Mamta Mohandas is getting engaged to her childhood friend in Bahrain on Friday, adding a glam element to the whole hype surrounding the unique date. 
But astrologers feel that there is nothing significant about the date as far as Indian astrological beliefs are concerned. 
"Friday is not auspicious for wedding and other such ceremonies. The star is Karthika and it is good for wars and power games and not auspicious events. Many people have come to inquire about its possibilities, but they have been advised not to conduct any ceremony on this day," says astrologer K Divakaran. 
Numerologists too feel that the date has no special meaning as the number 8, the total of all numbers in the date, is called 'mortuary number' that does not offer any prosperity to the person concerned. 
"While 9 is the magical number, 8 does not have any special qualities and does not promise anything good. But since it is a rare date, its numerical vibrations will have an effect on people's thoughts," says Thiruvananthapuram-based numerologist Adarsh Kumar. 
But it has not deterred many parents who want to gift a fancy birthday to their babies. A good number of women whose delivery date is due in the next couple of days have set their eyes on Friday to become mothers through C-section, not waiting for a natural birth. 
"Since the star on Friday is a good one, many parents would be ready to go for it as there has been much publicity about it. And normally we oblige if the woman and her relatives want a C-section," says Dr Rajkumari Unnithan, gynaecologist of Sunrise Hospital. [Sumber dari ]

 Bagi yang pakar dalam numerlogi menganggap ia sebagai cukup istimewa. Namun biar apa pun yang mereka katakan, ianya hanyalah hari-hari biasa seperti mana Allah swt ciptakan. Bertuah atau tidak itu bergantung kepada yang  manusia usahakan, maka Dia mengizinkan rezeki kepada hamba-Nya, maka akan diberikan.

Semua bergantung kepada ketentuan Allah swt dan usaha manusia itu sendiri, tetapi beriktikad bahawa 11.11.11 sebagai hari dan tarikh yang bertuah ialah suatu perkara yang khurafat dan amat hampir dengan syirik.

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